Saturday, October 15, 2005

A Short Article About The Dominos Pizza Dividend

I was reading the annual report from Dominos Pizza Australia New Zealand this morning. I know, I have no life. It was from this document that I learnt my share of the company is 1/60000th. Quite insignificant really. Guess I don't have a lot of voting power when it comes to major decisions. It does mean, however, that I earn profit from every 60000th pizza that is sold in Australia and New Zealand by Dominos. And they sell 800000 a week.

Following the company's listing on the Stock Exchange there was a six week period whereby earnings as a publicly listing company were taken into consideration to pay shareholders a dividend. We were paid the princely sum of A$0.007/share. It's almost laughable. My cheque was just large enough to buy, wait for it, a pizza. Not enough to buy one where a surchage is applicable though. Mind you, they did provide me with a shareholder discount card.

I wonder how much my four pizza effort last weekend has aided the company in becoming successful.

New Weapon For Terrorists

What will terrorists use to disguise their bombs now that backpacks aren't looked upon favourably? Anyone carrying them is looked upon with suspicion. My guess is branded calico shopping bags. Who is going to suspect somethone walking around with a Coles or Woolies shopping bag? Not too many people I reckon as you think that these people are do-gooders by nature with the environment's best interests at heart.

People, take care when you spot someone with a branded calico shopping bag. Be alert, not alarmed. Call the National Security Hotline (1800 123 400) if you see anything suspicious. Your country's safety depends on being vigilant.


Hammysmum said...

What about Harrods or Marks & Sparks bags? Do we need to watch out for people carrying these?

Hammysmum said...

You're gonna have to eat a LOT of pizzas aren't you?

Hammy said...

Anyone carrying a bag that is from overseas is a prime target. They should be shot on sight. They're an obvious security risk.