Sunday, October 23, 2005

A Meme!

I have been meme’d!! and tagged by Lori! If you don’t like memes then don’t continue reading the post, if however you want to read further, then please do. Please note: Hammy's Mum, Ben, Kinki and NYM I have tagged you to continue the meme if you wish. There is no obligation but I may chuck a sad if you don't.

Yes there are some rules/guidelines to follow: Remove the blog at #1 from the following list and bump every one up one place;add your blog’s name in the #5 spot;

1. Unraveling the Princess
2. I’m a Rainbow Too
3. Much Ado About Sumthin
4. Lori’s Cubes
5. Frugal Bastard

My frienz!
Hammy's Mum

What were you doing ten years ago?

I'd just moved to Perth after circling the globe for 12 months. I was working as an electrician at Plummers Industries in Perth. Never to make that mistake again I have sworn to plant trees for the Government than to work there again.

What were you doing one year ago?

Working at my new workplace having graduated from uni recently. I'm still there! My job is as a salesman with technical experience, project management and customer support.

What were you doing yesterday?

Playing golf with some new friends, riding my bike with some not-so-new friends and purchasing some paint and painting equipment.

Five snacks you enjoy.

Chocolate, chips, meat pies, chocolate muffins and ginger nut biscuits.

Five songs you know all the words to.

Advance Australia Fair (first verse, anyway) - National Anthem
Everybody Wants To Rule The World - Tears for Fears
Run To You - Bryan Adams
I'll Be Back - Arnee and the Terminators
I'm Too Sexy - Right Said Fred

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire.

Count my money; look at ways of saving more money to keep my millionaire status; holiday more; buy more shares; Buy a better house.

Five bad habits.

Not tolerating fools (not giving them a second chance is probably my bad habit); correct everyone’s spelling and pronunciation; being too honest (don't ask my opinion is you don't like hearing the truth; being too tight; Not really planning far enough ahead (I blame having a kid for this one).

Five things you like doing.

Playing golf; watching sport; going to the movies; blogging; travelling.

Five things you would never wear again.

School uniform, really tight shorts, holey underpants, hmmm - this one's tougher than I thought - too small shoes, lipstick (maybe!)

Five favourite toys

Doggie (used to belong my cousin who is now 40), army men (my son has them now), cars, lego ™, board games (never been beaten at Ubiquity).


NewYorkMoments said...

Chuck a sad? What does that mean?

Hammy said...

Bit like throwing a tantrum except just becoming very sad, tears etc.

NewYorkMoments said...

I did one a while back & linked to it today.

Probably not that exciting anyway...

Hammy said...

Yeah, I posted a response but it didn't link. Barry Manilow indeed.

Hammysmum said...

In the immortal words of Pauline Hanson, 'Please explain', meme, in words of one syllable if necessary. Doggie was not your original toy. Your's was called 'Woof', & Alan will be forty next month. I know, I am being pedantic!

Hammy said...

Ma, please check the link on the word and it will explain. I've always known Alan's dog, passed down to me, as "Doggie". Woof does not ring a bell.

ben said...

Why do people watch TV, so they don't have to read. The article on meme is toooooooo long. When is the doc on meme on? I'll watch this one.

Explaining meme in a 20 words is better than an assay long article.

In short I think it means, you just answer a set of questions.

Hammysmum said...

Have checked link. It may as wwell be in Hebrew or some such. Why do you think I asked you to explain?

megha said...

wow, you really did travel around the world?

megha said...

no wait, was that a joke? no offense if it wasn't, though. *confuzzled...*

Hammy said...

I've visited 23 countries and on my trip I took in 19 of them. Wanna list?

England, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Lichtenstein, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Ireland, USA, Australia (yeah, been there on holiday too).

Also tripped to Korea, Japan and Hong Kong (not under Chinese rule though).

Confuzzled - love the word.

Hammy said...

Ma - it's a bit like a chain letter but it has a form (genetics) and you add to it. Then other people can learn more about you and you them.

lori said...

lol - have to say hammy, you know the words to a bryan adam's song? Not even I would admit to that!

Hammy said...

As if I would own up to knowing a Kylie Minogue song off by heart. I have a few Bryan Adams CDs. Also have Kylie Greatest Hits but don't tell anyone.

Hammysmum said...

You only tossed Woof out a few years ago. Surprised you don't remember him.

Hammy said...

Haven't got a clue.

That could be true on so many levels!

megha said...

wow! someone who's actually been to liechtenstein! :) i'd love to read your travel tales if you could share some, sometime.

Hammy said...

Megha - you may well be sorry you asked. At the moment I have a Japan/Korea trip that I took in '96.

Check it - Hammy's Jap/Korea Blog