Thursday, October 27, 2005

Thoughts, Deeds, Dumb Things, Combinations Of All Three

I'm running out of ideas for post titles. Woke myself up at 5:30 this morn and thought, "I've got plenty of time to do something before heading off to work." I was rather hoping to wake up early so that I could finish painting the ceiling in the living and dining rooms. Took me a whole hour to do the second and, hopefully, final coat. Looks much better.

Read some of my favourite blogs whilst having breakfast. Remembered to have a shave before heading off to work. I'm employed in an office so it is a good idea to appear cleanshaven everyday. I have forgotten a couple of times since the missus hasn't been here. Not that she was home to tell me to as she started work a lot earlier than I did. But I digress.

Work is very hectic at the moment. With the resource sector boom it seems everyone has money to spend, or at least wants a quotation or information. And what with one of the guys in my section being on holiday for this week and the next I have discovered the joys of working overtime on salary just for the simple pleasure of not having people harrassing me for work I am doing for them. Yes, I'm a little bit overworked at the moment. As soon as my colleague comes back my boss will be off for a week. That means that I'll have even more responsibility in that week. Then I go away for just over three weeks. If chaos reigns then I will be welcomed back with open arms. Not really. There will be a pile of work for me to do as soon as I land. Guaranteed.

Came home after laughing about the Janet Jackson joke on John Wilson's Blog and sharing it with one of the bigwigs at work. Luckily my work time finished 15 mins earlier so I was goofing off in my own time and wasn't made to feel guilty about it. John stumbled across my site because of the altogether catchy name I have given it and instantly fell in love with it. No, he just stumbled across it. What's freaky is that he lives in Markham (think about it) and he studied at Seneca - my next door neighbour growing up had the surname of Seneca.

Before going inside I turned on the sprinkler to water the to-become-lovely-carefully-manicured lawn. Rang my son to have a chat and see what has taken place in his life today. Did a bit of surfing. Turned off the sprinkler. Prepared tacos followed by the act of eating them. Noice.

Decided that it was high time I checked my mail, of the paper variety, so I got dressed for a late evening walk. Thought that I felt a couple of spots of rain then rationalised that it was just mosquitoes divebombing me as they do at dusk. This happens regularly as I live near a large body of water. After a few more footsteps I came to the realisation that it was indeed raindrops. Grabbed my umbrella. Bloody good idea that turned out to be.

The rain got heavier as I was walking. But I knew that would bring about one of the simple pleasures of life - snail squashing. As the night wore on the amount of gentle squelching that took place at the soles of my shoes increased greatly.

Had a few thoughts. People say that moths are not very bright. You know, "like a moth to a flame." I disagree. When the moth reaches the flame he becomes very bright. Albeit for only a few seconds until he stops combusting but you've gotta admit that he does become quite bright. Not strictly intelligent however.

Who creates the word verfication for comments on blogs? I have images of a two year old banging away on the keyboard or trying to type as quickly as possible to come up with some combination. We shouldn't be allowing two year olds to work so hard. They can't be paying them enough for their talents. At what age are they going to burn out? Gotta take care of our kids. Certainly shouldn't be letting them work until late in the night. By the age of two they should definitely be sleeping through the night and therefore not be available for the 2-3am stint at the keyboard.

There, I think my head is empty of crap now. I'll have to go to bed and let it fill up away for tomorrow's instalment. Perhaps my feet are full of crap or soak it up during the day and when I lie down at nighttime it drains into my head.

Another thought has just popped in there. I have discovered a new talent. And I'm very good at it. I can grow a five o'clock shadow by three o'clock in the afternoon. I thought that it was my shaver and so bought a new one. Nup. Just my extraordinary talent to grow facial hair. And no, my mother isn't Iraqi. 'Nuff with the jokes about my mother and me wanting to look like her.

Good night.


lori said...

very nice post.. reminds me of my random stuff. and yes i run out of titles for posts from time to time!

Hammysmum said...

Just as well your Ma has a sense of humour. Hope any Iraqis reading this have, too.

ben said...

Another coincidence, you live in Wilson, that guy's called Wilson.

Hammy said...

Oh my bloody goodness. Am I being stalked?