Thursday, October 27, 2005

Big Thumbs Up For The Death Penalty

Response to my recent posting "Off With His Head" has shown a resounding vote of confidence in the upholding of the death penalty. At least that is the way I see it. Over to my spin doctor.

Against the death penalty = 4
For the death penalty = World population - 4

Current world population

It makes a change for me to be supporting the winning team.


honkeie2 said...

not only am i for the death penalty i am all for beating ppl that comment lesser crimes. Car thiefts get 7 lashings , vandilizing 8 and soo one :-D maybe its just me but we have to treat them like the red headed step

Nick Souter said...

what?! Am I hearing all this crap right?! where did you get that figure from Hambone, I think you'll find quite a few more people against the death penalty than that. I'm not hugely fussed either way, haven't really made my mind up, but I can perfectly understand the reasons for NOT taking someone's life. they might be found out to be innocent later. my personal opinion is that in a lot of cases the bastards deserve to rot in jail for the rest of their lives, the death penalty gets them off the hook! Give 'em a slow painful death rotting in jail. The guy who shot John Lennon still receives hate mail daily, Martin Bryant has the rest of his life in a tiny cell to SIT AND THINK about what he has done, there's no justice in just killing someone, in a lot of cases it doesn't take the pain away, it's just like revenge with a double-edged sword! All you morbid morons, this isn't just a black and white yes or no topic, there's 100's of grey areas here!

Hammy said...

Nick - I only had 4 people object to my posting. The silent majority rule in this case. Perhaps I shall have to up the number of dissenters to 5 now.

Hammy said...

I shall have to come up with a list of beatings that fit the crime - Thanks for the idea Honkeie2.

megha said...

not only does death let people off the hook, it is also a decision with finality we do not hold the power to possess within our small circle of understanding.

Hammy said...

Megha - that's a bit too deep and meaningful for me to comprehend. Very spiritual.