Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Off With His Head

Another Aussie drug trafficker in trouble. BIG trouble. The Singaporean courts have sentenced Nguyen Van Tuong, an Aussie citizen, to death by hanging. I really don't agree with this article calling for our Government to demand clemency. It says that "Australia does not support the death penalty and we should be at pains to ensure we do not send even an inadvertent or tacit indication of resigned acceptance."

What BS. I think that you'll find a lot of Aussies support the death penalty. It's just that the practice has been outlawed. What misery was going to be wreaked upon the citizens of Australia if he had managed to import 400g of heroin?

His brother was in trouble and so he decided to import the drugs to help him out. What trouble was his brother in? Obviously not as deep in the shit as Nguyen Van Tuong is now. Don't think I'm being racist as he is of a Vietnamese background having been born in Thailand and came to Australia with the Boat People. Far from it. Drug traffickers deserve the death penalty, no matter what their ancestry. There must have been so many other options available to him to help his brother that wouldn't make other people suffer.

My sympathy levels are extremely low in this case, if you hadn't noticed.


lori said...

i don't believe in the death penalty under any circumstance. We can save that for a debate on another day :)

ben said...

Do you remember the American young guy who got caned 20 or 50 times for spitting his chewing gum on the street in Singapore?

Do you hear of people spitting in Sg again?

I think the death sentence should be replaced by 20 caned every week day for the next 40 years is better.

Hammy said...

Ben - no, but I remember one Yankee boy on holiday in Singapore and he spraypainted some cars or something and was sentenced to 6 lashes. President Clinton stepped in and it was reduced to 4.

megha said...

i agree with lori.

*waiting for the debate so i can jump in with my smart arguments*

Joe said...

I'm against the death penalty, but that's just a personal thing. At the same time, I think that people should be bound by the laws of the country in which they committed the crime.

honkeie2 said...

He was canned for spray painting a bunch of cars...duh lol and besides when in other countries you have to fallow their rules...and their rules say beat his dumb ass lol...sorry i typed this before i saw what you said hammie and once i am off there is do stopping lol....
And if you kill the families of the dead should be allowed to beat you to death with a wiffle ball bat....that could take alll day dont you think..?

ben said...

Hammy, I think you have a better memory and that was the incident I was referring to. I do not remember the exact offence nor the number of lashes.

What I meant was, if capital punishment is not a deterrent to crime, maybe corporal punishment is.

I wonder if people would continue to speed if instead of paying a fine of about $100, they were to be lashed 4 times.

Note, I am not advocating corporal punishment, but just extending the debate.

Hammy said...

I'm all for corporal punishment. That is, if capital punishment isn't a requirement.