Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I Now Have Big, Howling Knobbies

No, this is not a posting about my man boobs. On Saturday I rode down to WA Salvage in Cannington to buy a raincoat and dropped in to KMart to get some tyres and tubes for my bike. As I have some sort of mountain bike the tyres had to suitable and they are big knobbies rather reminiscent of 4WD tyres. And they make a lovely howling sound as I'm cruising along.

Sunday morning was wet and misty and rather ruined my mood to have a hit of golf. I buggerised around with the tap in the bathroom and stopped the leak. It was leaking at a rate of 150mL/min which equates to 78840L/yr. Egad!! Managed to stop the leak in the toilet and plugged the sprinkler in the backyard under the paving slabs. Destroyed a screwdriver in the process but not to worry.

In the arvo I watched a bit of A1 GP racing, had a nap, and watched the finish of the race. By this stage it was 3 o'clock and a beautiful day outside so I decided to head down to Riverton Bridge and hire a canoe for an hour. Rode the bike and discovered that the canoe man hadn't showed so made the decision to ride around the large park surrounding the river. Lovely day for an extended bike ride. Bit of birdlife around and Spring is a nice time of the year.

Wild Ducks. Ferocious indeed.
Aussie Magpie.
Green Parrot, not sure which type exactly
That lovely green parrot again. Managed to get fairly close.
Pink Galah.
Not sure what this timid fella is called.
Cockatoo, not a sulfur-crested one.


Hammysmum said...

Green parrot, I believe, is a Grass Parrot. Dad says not. I think the penultimate pic is of a pigeon af some sort. Bronze Wing or Top Knot??

Hammy said...

The penultimate pic is of a bird much larger than a pigeon. It lives near the water and I've never seen one fly. Noisey bird too.

megha said...

wow, so lovely to see many birds in the city :) here, there aren't any decent parks and the only birds i see are crows and sparrows.

Hammy said...

Ah, the crow. Those buggers are everywhere. And the spoggie, as we call them (slang), they are the same throughout the world.