Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Where Do You Wash Your Dishes

I've run out of dishwashing liquid. A tragedy, I know. The dishes are piling up therefore I needed to walk down to the supermarket at lunchtime to buy some dishwashing liquid. I bought some Eco product, good for the environment, not tested on animals (dammit, I want something that has been tested on animals - there's no choice left in the world) and easy on the pocket, as it turns out.

The sales spiel on the back of the bottle intrigued me. It says, "Safe to use with Septic tanks." I don't know about you, but I don't often wash my dishes in the septic tank. I much prefer the sink in the kitchen. When the kitchen was being built then the trough in the laundry had to suffice. What are you supposed to do if you wish to use the septic tank and you have been connnected to deep sewerage?

I think the marketing department needs to take a good, long look at themselves.


Hammysmum said...

Judging by the Holden Astra ads,to mention just one, I think they should give up completely!

Hammysmum said...

Pity Nick has removed his comment option from his Blog. I enjoyed his postings for today.

~Dawn said...

Try using hair Shampoo when you wash by hand- it cuts grease as well as give you that great sudsy look.

Hammy said...

Mum - Yeah, I've been saddened by the lack of opportunity to comment on Nick's site and his postings have become more fervent and interesting since.

Dawn - I wash my car with dishwashing liquid and it doesn't do a bad job. Maybe when shampoo is cheaper than dishwashing liquid will I try it.

Ben said...

1. What the point of claiming no animal testing was done, when someone else has already done so on the same ingredients.

2. Most dishwashing liquid have the same ingredients.

3. If no animal testing was done, what test was done? Tests on humans, test on none living thing, no test was done?
So how do we know the product is safe then. Are we the customers the Guinea pigs then?

4. Have you seen the ad by Mark Holden and about choosing products that has no animal testing. That is a perfect example of false advertising. We are shown animals in pitiful state, but how do we know they are animals used in lab testing?

5. No animal testing is just another marketing ploy to get the money of a segment of the customers. It is call segmentation and product differentiation.

Ben said...

Safe to use with septic tanks means, it won't hurt the creatures living in your septic tanks: it's an animal lovers product.

However, if no animal test was done, how will I know if it is not harmful to my pet if some of the liquid accidentally come into contact with it? No test was done to show that it is harmless to pets.

James said...

Hammy, for somebody so smart, you can be soooo stupid. It is safe for septic tanks as some people may have one of those new fangled bio-cycle tanks where all of their waste water including the sewerage gets pumped into. The water is then treated chemically so it is safe to be reused on the garden. I suppose the chemicals in the diwshwashing liquid will not neutralise the chemicals in the tank, or kill off the bugs in the normal septics.

Hammy said...

Geez James. That's pretty damn obvious mate. Hmm, why are you so literally and bloody-minded? Have you no sense of humour? Ah, yes - you are one of those Collingwood supporters. I should have guessed.

Have a laugh James. That's what life is about. Ah, yes - you are one of those Collingwood supporters. You have nothing to laugh about. Becoz you can't laugh at yourselves.

Ben - I love your comment about caring for animals that live in the septic tank. Very perceptive.

Ben said...

Not tested on animal means: product may be unsafe (we haven't run any test on any living thing): use at your own risk, we would rather put you at risk than the animals.

Hammysmum said...

I dunno what brand of shampoo you buy, but they are all the same,so we are told, and do the same job. Just as cheaper hand cremes etc. are, and there are plenty of cheaper brands around. The price does not neccassarily indicate how effective the product will be.

gleek said...

if the product was not tested on animals then it was most likely tested in a lab on skin cultures or such that are grown for that purpose. also, most ecologically safe products are made from vegetable oils not petroleum which is what most cheap cleaning products are made from. do you want to clean your clothes and dishes with the petroleum? :) gross.