Friday, October 21, 2005

Hammy Needs

This is fairly cool, if not a bit nerdy. Or geeky. Thanks to Freaky Chick for this and I read what Tom needs too. Type in your "Name" and "needs" and Google it. I used Hammy instead and utilised quotation marks too.

Here's what Hammy needs:

Hammy needs help - I'm beyond help.
Hammy needs help!!! - What's with the help?
Hammy needs scan - You may be lucky enough to find some grey matter in there.
Hammy needs attention - Oh yes, I'm crying out for that.
Hammy needs easing out of this world - Hmmm, a bit dramatic methinks.
Hammy needs a new home - Not until I've just finished renovating this one thank you.
Hammy needs medical attention - Doctor, doctor, give me the news.
Hammy needs to go down on this server! - That's a little bit double entendre, isn't it?
Hammy needs to lose some weight - Does Google know me or what?
Hammy needs better material - Cut it out, I'm trying my best. It's original stuff we're dealing with here.
Hammy needs the "Hummer" - As if I have enough room in my carport for a Hummer.
Hammy needs a break - Holidays are coming soon. Relax.
Hammy needs an exercise - Google is spying on me. I just have a feeling.
Hammy needs a trip to the vet - Why might I ask? Have I contracted distemper?
Hammy needs a good twang before pre-season starts - Hamstring is one of my nicknames.
Hammy needs predictions - Lotto numbers would be good.
Hammy needs to get craphack - Huh?
Hammy needs to tell me what to do - That's one of my specialities/talents. Whatever.
Hammy needs an exercise wheel in its cage - It's not a cage, it's an office. The engineers work in the dungeon.
Hammy needs some rest - Thank you for joining me. You probably need some too.


lori said...

ahhhhhhh love meme's..

so you need rest! we all do!

Hammysmum said...

I think you need something a bit more edifying running around in your head!
Have seen pic of Tessa. She really is a cutie!