Saturday, October 15, 2005

Big Stab At The Health Kick

It took me until 1 o'clock to get motivated enough to jump on my bike and head off into the sunset. I've wanted to ride around the Swan River on the cycle path for a long time. And they've even put a cycle path along much of the railway line.

Not long after leaving home I thought that maybe Perth had been attacked as a mushroom cloud was rising over the ridge.

Looks like a mushroom cloud over the ridge.
I think that it's actually a burn-off by the Department of Conservation and Land Management (CALM). Nothing to worry about.

My trip towards the city took me to the Swan River foreshore near Burswood Casino. Heaps of families were out today, and let's face it when the temp reaches 27 degrees C in October why not, with BBQs and playgrounds being put to good use. Quite a few people were walking and cycling on the path next to the river.

Looking across the Swan River to Perth.
Burswood Casino.

I wouldn't be surprised if the Dutch launch an attack on England to regain some territory. It is quite obvious that Captain Cook was not the first European to discover Australia. We really should be rewriting the history books as the Dutch were here much earlier than the English. Willem de Vlamingh named the Swan River in 1697. The Dutch should take the opportunity whilst the English are busy in Iraq, Afghanistan, and maybe still Sarajevo.

Captain Cook certainly wasn't the first European to land in Australia.
Willem de Vlamingh.
This is how one artist thought that the Willem de Vlamingh's landing would have appeared.
Claisbrook Bridge from across the Swan River.
East Perth from across the Swan River.

It was quite pleasant along the Swan today. There were a few boaties out and I was surprised to see a couple of dolphins near the Windan Bridge. Nice bit of work that is too.

The guy in the back doesn't seem to be enjoying his day out on the Swan.
I've lightened the picture so that you can see something. This is the walkway underneath the Windan Bridge.
Train shooting over the top of Windan Bridge. There are also six lanes of traffic.

Just near Ascot racecourse they were holding the ICF World Championship. That was news to me. How can we be hosting a world championship and I haven't heard anything in the news? I think that's a serious indictment on our poor local media coverage.

The girls were really powering on past us standing on the Garrett Road Bridge during the ICF World Championships.

In all I covered just on 32 kilometres. And man, am I saddle sore. Half the time I thought about "Betty Swallocks" as it was a warm day and I'd read Ronnie Barker's sketch only the day before. But I feel much better for it. I even managed to get up the hill in Victoria Park without stopping, or dropping into the girls' gears, i.e. anything below 7th gear.

That hill in Victoria Park. Sure, it doesn't look that steep but it certainly is different if you are in the saddle.


megha said...

ah, development. there's a river running through my city too, but the riverside is a shady, dirty place. recently they've spruced up a bit of it, making parks and all, but the rest of it remains largely a public bathroom.

Hammy said...

Images of people bathing in filthy rivers always concerns me. Sometimes tradition doesn't take into account reality. Maybe the government, and good corporate citizens, should do something about it.

Are there any clean, healthy rivers in India?

megha said...

yes, there are :) in fact, the upper reaches of most of the rivers are sparkling and gorgeous. it's when they roll down to the plains and hordes of people gain access to them daily, that the dirtying begins. not to mention the filth poured into them in the name of religion. other people can't really do anything about it, coz you see, most people here are ignorant of the scientific side of things. religion rules their minds, and how can you persuade millions to stop bathing in a river when their holy texts advocate it ?

Hammysmum said...

I love to see pics of unusual cloud formations. When my knees are better, and I can walk again, I might go looking for pics like that. I would love to take pics of lightening etc.

Hammysmum said...

Did you ride down the hill to go home? You wanna see a STEEP hill, I know where there is on that is almost perpendicular. I walked up it many times when I worked in Goulbourn. It would be too dangerous to ride a bike down it!

Hammy said...

I only got to ride down the hill on the ride into the city. By the time I was starting to feel a bit buggered I had to ride up it.

ben said...

Good, you have at last made it. Last week, I slacked off a bit, the excuse was it was too cold in the morning.

Personally, I prefer to go out up hill and then the return ride is easier.

The ride between my place and work is more or less flat, with just one steep bit.

How long was the trip?

Hammy said...

Took me 2 1/4 hrs. Mind you, I did stop to take lots of pics. On the way home a couple of cyclists who were kitted out past me so I kept up with them until they turned off. Had to pace myself. Maybe I'll ride down to Armadale next weekend.

Ben said...

I could join you, if my wife doesn't tell me, there is too many house work to do.

Can you carry your byke in/on your car?

Hammy said...

My bike will fit in the car but it is just as easy, and more sensible, to ride my bike to your place.