Friday, October 28, 2005

Another Definite Sign That A Haircut Is Required

The last couple of days I've been driving to work and noticed that my hair has been touching the inside roof. Yeah, it's sticking up a bit and it's time that I had a mop chop.

Welcome To The Twilight Zone

Anyone believe in coincidence? I'm building a big list below:

Mr Wilson from Markham, Canada, comes to the blog of Mark Ham, from Wilson, as the Frugal part of the name suggests that I must be Scottish like his father and catches his eye. Mr Wilson studied at Seneca and my next door neighbour when I was a kid had the surname Seneca. Not only that, but Mr Seneca's cousin, also a Seneca, came to live in Australia and where did he come from - Canada of course?

Coincidence, or weird, or a mixture of both? Keep you posted.


Ben said...

I think you are ripe to read this then:

The Lincoln-Kenedy coincidences.

Hammy said...

Ben - that is something that sprang to mind immediately. And it makes interesting reading, although I haven't read Wikipedia's version yet. I have heard about this before.

megha said...


Joe said...

Uh...before you get the hair cut why not take the opportunity to use it to paint the ceiling?

Hammy said...

Joe - there would be too many brush strokes visible as the hair isn't an even length like a paintbrush. Nice idea though. I like your way of thinking.

Hammysmum said...

You must have grown! I agree tho', you would get very dizzy and a stiff neck.