Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Rain Spoilt This Mornings Walk

I choofed off this morning thinking that even though the clouds were dark as it wasn't raining now it wouldn't be in the near future whilst out for my walk. Wrong. Luckily I had my coat with a hood so I didn't get too wet. A funny thing happened before I reached the point where I turned around. A guy coming towards me was pushing his bike and the back tyre was flat. First thoughts were, "Sucked in, loser". This was mainly because he didn't have a helmet and seeing as it is law to wear a helmet this guy was just getting something that he deserved. Before I reached him he crossed the road. Ok, there is a cycle/walking path on the other side of the road so I briefly thought that he may be crossing the road as he felt a bit stupid having a flat tyre and pushing his bike (is that why they call it a push bike?) but only briefly. A short time later I turned around, not sure why, but the guy had crossed back across the road to my side! He must have felt embarrassed.

Spare House Keys

I discovered tonight that I had a complete set of spare house keys. Only noticed this as I was fumbling about in the dark (keep it clean) for my keys and grabbed the right shape to unlock the door. Once inside with the light on did I notice that both keys were copies and not the ones that I usually used. Why on earth I have them on the same keyring I don't know. What good is it to have spares with the keys that they are spares for? Dumb point.

People Who Can Afford New Cars Are Poor Drivers

Perhaps I'm gathering new respect for people with old clangers but the amount of people in newly registered cars around Perth who don't appear to have a clue about the road rules is just astounding. They drive around at nighttime with their lights off, don't use blinkers, can't stop at STOP signs, are clueless when it comes to parking, etc. Does spending all that money on a new vehicle remove the ability to obey the road rules or does it only become noticeable once the new car has been purchased?

High Fuel Prices Haven't Affected Everyone

It has come to my tschhh attention that high fuel tschhh prices haven't affected those tschhh idiots that hoon around in their tschhh cars with turbo engines. Or perhaps, yet again, it has only just become noticeable. Tschhh.

My Son Is Becoming More Studious

I don't understand this. My son is now attending drawing classes and it must be difficult for him due to the language barrier but the teacher says that he starts to draw what he is told to even before the teacher has finished demonstrating it. I don't know how much Korean he knows but my missus has noticed that his attention span when drawing has improved out of sight. Back in Australia he received some criticism because he appeared to just follow what the other kids were doing in class and not actually listen to the teacher's instructions. Has he turned the corner?

He is doing well at taekwondo as well. There is a grading session this week and I hope that he does well. I really want to see him in action when I'm over there next month also so he better continue his class for a few days before we start gallivanting off around the countryside.


Hammysmum said...

You must be slipping, son. Both sets of keys on the same ring. What is the world coming to?

~Dawn said...

That's cool about your son-
Maybe he has a 'mind's eye' for the asian arts.

Hammy said...

At least some part of his heritage is kicking in. No pun intended.

gleek said...

i seem to have missed a few posts :) your son and wife are in korea and you are kickin' it in australia?

Hammy said...

You don't call having the freedom to play golf, go to the soccer, watch as much footy, F1 racing, car racing etc, go for a ride on a bike for half a day, ring friends for over an hour etc kickin' it?

Damn, and I thought I was enjoying myself. Thank you for pointing out the error in my ways.