Sunday, October 16, 2005

There's Life In The Old Dog Yet

Decided to have a game of golf today. Even managed to get to the golf course, Whaleback Public Golf Course, before 8 am. Had to wait until just after nine to get a hit though as they were booked out. No matter, it allowed for lots of putting and chipping practice.

It was quite a windy and overcast/bright/overcast/bright day, if you know what I mean. I was teamed with Joe, Daniel (first gamer) and Shayne (Joe's cousin).

Joe, Shayne and Daniel.

It was rather interesting playing with a first gamer. Apparently Daniel had been skiting how it was going to be such an easy game and how he was going to beat everybody. He is the only person I've seen hit the ball behind himself twice in one game. Off the first tee he hit a brick wall and the rebound ended up behind him. On the second hole he hit a tree and a similar result ensued. At the end of the round we ended up giving him lots of encouragement as he hit a few good shots and managed to do some putting from about the 4th hole. Had a bit of trouble getting onto the green beforehand.

Everybody was talking about Michelle Wie, golf's newest prodigy. I read that she was playing a par 5 when he shot landed in a bush so she took a one stroke penalty for a drop. She then ended up chipping in for birdie! If you need to pull a trick out of the bag it wouldn't be a rude thing to say "I need to do a Wie".

My extra putting and chipping practice came in handy as I shot a 46 on the front nine, with three consecutive 1-putts (all for bogey), my first par in a long time, and only 15 putts in total with no 3-putts. The back nine wasn't quite as good but I came home with a 49 including 16 putts and no 3-putts. The two 7s and the eight that I had didn't do the scorecard any favours. Mind you, I did shoot a 95 and broke 100 for the first time in (almost) living memory.

Some interesting happenings during the round occurred. Shayne almost chipped in from some 100 metres out. It was a fabulous shot. On the 285m par 4 12th I chipped with my putter from 20m away (had a nice tail wind for the drive) as I had a bunker that couldn't be negotiated and overshooting the green would have meant the ball finished at the bottom of a very steep slope. I lipped out for birdie with the following putt. It was my only chance for birdie in the round. On the par 3 13th Joe duffed his chip shot and then chipped in for par. It was the only chip in for the whole game. Same hole and Daniel teed off and didn't reach the ladies tee, even though we were on the same patch of grass. Normally the men tee off across the water but due to ground under repair they moved the men's tee onto that of the ladies. On the par 3 18th Joe was putting for birdie and could only manage a bogey. On the par 3 6th in the group in front of us one of the blokes hooked his shot badly, it hit a tree and then ballooned out and onto the green. And I got it on video.

Had a moment of clear thought during today's game - If you are going to judge a person it should be in the same manner as a judge a golfer. Give them the full 18 holes before you make your mind up about them.

I'm back baby. There is life in the old dog yet. We'll see if it's still there when I play the next round.


Hammysmum said...

Woof! You may as well have been talking Arabic, as I do not understand about Bogeys etc. Glad your game is picking up.

Nick Souter said...

Mate! I had a hit of gold sunday too! And I'm telling you the challenge is still down! I've still got it! Bordertown golf course here we come! Champion of champions trophy 2!

Hammysmum said...

Tickets please, Nicholas! Which queue for the one an' ninepenny's, chum?

Hammy said...

Hey Ma, he's throwing down the challenge. We have a squash "Champion of Champions" trophy between the two of us.