Friday, October 07, 2005

Possibly The Most Laughable Thing I've Ever Heard

Blame the Yanks. They started all this litigation rubbish. Get this, two members of the Bali Nine are suing the Australian Federal Police.

Lawyers for the duo, claim the AFP provided assistance to the Indonesian police that led to their arrest, "which thereby exposed them to the prospect of the imposition of the death penalty".

Hmmm, let me get this straight. People caught in the act of drug-running, in Indonesia, by Indonesian police (with the aid of Australian Federal Police, yes), are suing the Australian Federal Police for allowing their lives to be placed in jeopardy because Indonesia has the death penalty for convicted drug traffickers.

I don't see any reason to sue. You carry drugs in a foreign country and get caught thereby opening yourself up to the possibility of being executed and you wish to place the blame on others? When are people going to take responsibility for their actions?

Eat shit and die druggies.


Hammysmum said...

Here, here! The notion of suing the feds, is farcical!

tmz_99 said...

hmmm, I don't know about calling them druggies, they may not even take drugs, but just traffic them... certainly not all people who take drugs are dropkicks and idiots, it just seems these people up. Agree with the fact sueing the feds is ludicyst and they deserve all that they have brought upon THEMSELVES.

Nick Souter said...

yes, not all people who take drugs are dropkicks and idiots, some are quite highly sophisticated and intelligent individuals! WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP! All people who take drugs are dropkicks and idiots! And what's more, all people who take drugs INTO BALI are dropkicks, idiots, morons, wankers and ignorant dopes!

Hammy said...

Those guys who try to take drugs from one place to another are no better than the people taking them, if you know what I mean.

Hammysmum said...

Don't hold back Nick, say what you mean!
It is not as much fun now that we can't leave comments on you Blog, either.

ben said...

I want to raise a question that was raised in the movie "Minority Report". Is someone as guilty if he has been prevented from committing an offence?

Say a ranger is watching as a person is parking his car illegally, should he stand and watch until the person is fully parked his car and issue a ticket or issue a warning and then the person would not have parked his car illegally.

Should pawns be sacrificed to catch the queen or king?

Is cure better than prevention?

ben said...

Or punishment better than prevention?

However, real idiots are those who do not listen to warnings.

I think people don't need to be reminded, or maybe they shoud: "have nothing to do with illegal drugs or you life will be ruined".

Hammy said...

tmz - same shit, different bucket.

Ben - I don't believe that someone could be found guilty if prevented from committing an offence unless there is another offence that they become guilty of in doing so. For instance, planning to commit a robbery/terrorist attack/murder. If you don't murder someone then it is a bit difficult to be successfully prosecuted for murder but you can be charged with intent to do so.

When it comes to the ranger, well, if the guy is still in his car is he then parked or standing (perhaps the engine needs to be running for the car to be considered to be standing)? Once the engine stops he must be parked therefore a ticket can be issued. The ranger shouldn't be able to issue a ticket until the car is actually parked.

Pawns should definitely be sacrified to capture the queen or to place the king in check - the king cannot be taken. Tsk tsk.

Prevention is better than cure.

Prevention is better than punishment.

Don't you have anything to do at work? He he.

ben said...

You did not really address the ranger issue. Should the ranger look on until the offense is committed or issue the warning and prevent the offense?

Well if the job of the ranger is to make money for the council, then he should not prevent the offense.

Which is better? In order to catch 10, we have to sacrifise 2. To get the big boss, we have to sacrifise 10. Save 2 and catch none

Hammy said...

The ranger should just shoot the guy. Save a lot of paperwork. The guy who can't park properly won't do it again either.

Sam Ward said...

Nick I hope you've never had a cup of coffee, a cigarette or a beer in your life. If you have, then you're a dropkick and an idiot.

The only difference between those drugs and the illegal ones is the fact that they're not illegal.

Alcohol is by far the most dangerous drug available in Australia, and it's completely legal.