Monday, October 31, 2005

Blogs Teach You Tolerance

Maybe not all blogs teach you tolerance and acceptance, that much is true. But I have noticed recently as I expand my blog reading that I have become more tolerant and accepting. Maybe not so full of myself and self-centred. Who am I trying to kid?

The blogs that I read are quite diverse. I learn to see the world through other people's eyes and appreciate what they are going through. I can even learn from their experiences. Let's see now. How about a few examples.

I've just started reading the blog of a Mormon family who are in Japan for a year. This is not something I would normally see myself doing, as I enjoy jokes about their religion, but their story is interesting and worth a browse. I've opened my mind somewhat. Don't think that I'll be taking up the religion though.

Then there is the Grumpy Editor and he is really funny. Much like an old coot in a rocking chair on the verandah. I love his humour and can see myself being just like him when I'm older. Bugger, I'm a lot like him now never mind when I'm older.

There's another blog which talks a lot about knitting (You know who you are). Hmmm, not a task that I have attempted for many a year but there is a style and substance that keeps me coming back. The knitting is in combination with programming and techie stuff. Quite a mixture.

I should make mention of a racy blog from New York, New York where all kinds of topics are mentioned. The blogger appears to be quite warmhearted and very honest and I can appreciate that. Maybe she lives her life in an entirely different manner to myself but I love to hear what's happening in her life. And she has a very supportive blogging community so it is great to hear what other people are saying also. The affinity that she shows her readers is something else.

And who can forget people that just try being "stoopid"? There's a bit of me in that blog, I can tell. More than a little bit at times as I have my share of clowning around.

If everyone is the world was the same as me I certainly wouldn't want to read their blogs. I wouldn't even want to live near them. Well, maybe. If I closed my ears to what everyone was saying and didn't open my mind I would certainly be narrowing my viewpoint. Get out there and read a few blogs. There are more than enough to go around. I've had a couple of IM sessions with fellow bloggers and shared many an email. I haven't met any bloggers that I didn't know already but one fellow blogger spotted me at the shopping mall. Most bloggers are personable. Bit like me really. And maybe they are a little more open-minded. And probably more so than when they first started blogging.


lori said...

i'm trying to venture outwards.. but i am picking about my blog reading! Every so often I find some cool people

Joe said...

Interesting and thought provoking post, Hammy.

megha said...

i met one of my closest friends on his blog. we live in different cities, and after about 2 years of reading each other's blogs ( mine was an embarrassing blotch on blogdom, his is one of the most thoughtful i have read - )
and chatting online, we met this year.

he's 28, i'm 18. had we met in person, would we have had this friendship today? i doubt it.

NewYorkMoments said...

I'm glad to see that this has been a growth experience for you, Hammy! :-)

Hammysmum said...

Why do the names of the other blogs keep scrolling up?

Hammy said...

Lori - I spend a bit of time watching Blogger roll through the list of blogs that are published and check out the ones that catch my eye. Tend to look at the comments left on the blogs I read and will check out the comment writer if what they had to say interests me.

Joe - I can be serious sometimes and not always play the clown. Blogger has made me a slightly better person IMHO.

Megha - I'm surprised how many of the blogs I read are written by people of a similar age to myself. I guess there is a familiarity about what is posted. Unless you are a very open-minded person perhaps you wouldn't have contacted your friend or made a friendship. Are you not a happier person because of it?

NYM - I feel better about myself and perhaps more sympathetic to my fellow human beings. Don't worry, I'll snap out of it soon enough and be back to my grouchy, idiotic self.

Mum - I was reading another blog, she has links to Joe in NYC and Insane Tom in Perth (quite a coincidence I reckon), and I spotted the scrolling blog list. So I looked at her pages source code and copied the bit that makes it scroll. Lavinia Live. Thought it was pretty cool.

megha said...

oh yes. a thousand times. :)

Nick Souter said...

C'mon people! Stop it you're killing me! We all know why we're REALLY blogging! 2 reasons

1. So ex-girl/boyfriends can now see how successful we now are and get furiously jealous and wish they had us back, so that we can claim the minor victory over them that we never had when they pissed off on us.

2. Like Freud said, a substitute for masturbation, like gambling, it's just keeping our hands off our old boys!

Keep blogging wankers!

Nick Souter said...

sex sex sex! that's all people think about these days!