Thursday, October 06, 2005

Funny Phone Call At Work Today

I answered the phone today and received a message along the lines of "You are about to receive a talking text message." So I quickly grabbed a pen and paper and here is what the message was:

"Hey Darling, I've just finished my first job at Tarka. How did you sleep? Wanna do something fun this weekend? I love you, Phoebe."

I thought that it was so funny I repeated it and put it on the speaker phone so the new bloke I am working with could enjoy it also. It even left Phoebe's mobile phone number. I asked around the office if anyone knew Phoebe and no-one did although one bloke said that he'd like to get to know her.

Be careful where you send text messages to people. Or did she go to all the trouble of sending a talking text but got the phone number wrong?

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