Thursday, October 20, 2005

Hamburgers Are Good For Your Heart

New research shows that eating hamburgers has benefits for your heart. Well, maybe not real research. I've come to this conclusion myself.

Why do we exercise? To make our hearts beat stronger, right? We run, play sports (not including chess in this category), row, aerobicise, powerwalk with weights - no, wait. The powerwalking with weights is just to show that we are complete losers. Scrub the last activity. All these actions make our heart beat more strongly.

Take the hamburger. It lays fat in your arteries. Clogged arteries mean that the heart must beat more strongly to send blood around the body. No early mornings, expensive sports apparel/gym membership or sweat required.

I think that the hamburger has been unfairly given a bad wrap. Get out there and get some hamburgers into you to make your heart more healthy.

N.B. If you eat one of my world-famous-in-my-kitchen kimchi burgers you can have the best of both worlds - hamburger and sweat in one sitting.


NewYorkMoments said...

You're a genius. We could use you here in the US. The Surgeon General needs people like you.

megha said...

kfc zingerburgers till i die.

Hammy said...

NYM - Thank you. I try.

Megha - Absolutely!!