Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Discrimination Is Alive And Well

In the car tonight I heard an ad on the radio from Sanity whereby if you buy a packet of tampons you'll get a $5 voucher to spend on a CD. Not a bad deal but there is a catch. You must be a girl and 13 or older.

What about us guys? It's not every day that I purchase tampons, I must admit. More to the point what about girls under 13 that have reached womanhood? Haven't you heard in the news that that stage of life can be reached at 10 years of age? Face it, we pump kids full of hormones it is a natural reaction for their hormones to be affected. Not only that but better nutrition also leads to the lowering of age for the onset of periods. Ooh, I said it.

There was no upper age limit advised however. Those of you women over 50-55 are free to make your purchase and claim your voucher. I'd like to see a 95 y.o. walk into a store and try to use a voucher.

I also think that it is an intelligent play on words - Sanity and sanitry. See, I can approach it from several levels.


Hammysmum said...

Glad to see you do not have any hang ups. I'd like to see a 95yo woman try that, too.

megha said...

why on earth would a sanitary napkin co. call itself Sanity? why, for that matter, would any co. call itself Sanity?

Hammy said...

Sanity is a music store. They are doing a promotion with a sanitary product.

Hammysmum said...

What planet you from,Megha, or is it just USA?

megha said...

lol, India. i didn't get the bigger joke, though :P