Thursday, September 29, 2005

Disappointment Greets The Tax Return

I was really looking forward to greeting my tax return this year. They generally take 14 days, 10 working days, to process. Mine took only 9 days to be credited to my account. And it was for the exact amount that the tax agent had calculated.

So why was I so disappointed to get what I expected and way ahead of time? Well, I'd recently had a look at my bank balance and thought that it would look so much better once my tax return was in there. But it was already in there!! And the balance was as good as it was going to get. It's all downhill from here folks.

I Went To The Pub Tonight

Not to drown my sorrows or anything. One of our sales engineers finished up today, although there will be a piss-up for him tomorrow, and he took us down to the pub. He's a Scotsman and anytime that a Scotsman is going to pay for something I have to be there. I got a photo of him with money in his hand, another with his wallet in his hand and the third one was one of him with his mouth shut. Amazing pictures. For some damned reason they won't load though.

I had a couple of soft drinks, one of which I bought myself, and they must have affected me as I missed my turnoff, twice. Ended up driving through the city to go home which turned out to be a blessing in disguise as I didn't have to drive as far to do my shopping. In fact, I was able to do it on the way home. There was a funny incident in the supermarket. Bear with me, I thought it was funny.

Sausages were on sale for A$2.99/kg. An older lady, with long, unkempt, greying hair, quite overweight and with a nasally voice wanted some of the sausages. Obviously didn't have a lot of money to spend and was being very careful. Got the poor shop assistant to take out eight, nine, no ten sausages and weigh them. Saw that it was under a kilo and walked back to the sausages to get a few more. Weight now came to about 940 grams so she got him to walk back and get one more. Total weight of 1008 grams and I thought that she would ask him to take eight grams off but thankfully she didn't.

There were two other women waiting to be served before me. The older lady proceeded to order other meats and ask what else was on special. Finally, she was finished and we other shoppers were having a smirk to ourselves. One of the women in front of me had two different meats measured off and the old lady came back to interrupt, quite oblivious to everyone else, and asked about the cooked chickens that were on special to see if the marked price was the special price. So, when the first other woman had finished it was the turn of the second other woman to get her needs from the deli. It was about this time that I realised I had meat at home and didn't need to wait any longer watching this pantomime and had been wasting about six minutes of my life.

I bumped into the two other women elsewhere in the shop and commented, "After all that I had meat at home already" and they thought that it was quite funny. We had been smiling amongst ourselves as everything had been going on without getting too upset by it all.

When everyone was gone I went back and got some of the sausages. They were not what I had originally planned to buy either.


megha said...

i didn't really get the joke.

Hammy said...

Megha - not so much a joke but the woman took sooooooo long to decide how much of everything she wanted and didn't care that other people were waiting. It was funny that nobody became upset either as she was a bit inconsiderate.

Hammysmum said...

Are you sure that you only had soft drinks? Your mind wasn't it's usual razor sharpness.