Thursday, September 01, 2005

Time To Clean Out The Fridge

They've been gone for nearly four weeks now. It's about time that I cleaned out the fridge. I noticed a container that had been there for a while so I took it out to have a look. It was positively a penicillin laboratory. I'm not sure that they were good for the compost either. Perhaps they are an acquired taste.

Clean out time from the fridge.


Ben said...

If I write a fridge content management software, will you buy it?

Hammysmum said...

You have obviously had more pressing things to do of late!

Hammy said...

Ben, you know that I try to limit whatever I buy. Send me a trial version.

Mum, yes, I hadn't even noticed them in there until this morning.

Ben said...

Undertaking such a project will take more than 1 month to complete. I have often thought about doing it.

And you will have to take time to put in what you use and put in your fridge into the software

NewYorkMoments said...

But the question is...did how bad did the refrigerator smell when you opened it? I don't even go into mine anymore because I'm afraid of what I'll find.

But that's one of the luxuries of being a bachelorette. No cooking & who the hell cares about cleaning.

Hammy said...

The odd thing was that there was no pungent odour. The dishes on the other hand only get done every couple of days. I don't generate a lot of dishes yet although I am still managing to do the cooking. Pizza was looking very good last night but I resisted temptation.