Monday, September 05, 2005

Where Is The Country "Unknown"?

I find it interesting to see where people come from to visit my blog. They come from all over the place but particularly North America and Australia. I did get a shock yesterday when I noticed somebody from "Unknown Country". I am dying to find out where this country is and what sort of people live there.

Where the hell is this country?

I'm sure that our Foreign Minister, Mr Alexander Bummer, wouldn't have a clue where it is so I see no point in asking him. Can't think that the Shadow Foreign Minister, Mr Kevin Rudd, would have any idea either. Maybe I need the help of the FBI and CIA. It's a bit disconcerting actually. Are they from the Northern Hemisphere or the South? What language do they speak? Do they use Firefox or IE? And how much credible information about the World are they gleaning from my blog (poor, misguided fools)? Are they long lost worshippers of Hammus Bonus (that's one of my aliases, in case you didn't know)?

I think we need Dangermouse, the World's Greatest Secret Agent, to find out. Much better than that Bond fellow.


megha said...

wow, you can actually see where the people visiting your blog are located? how spooky is that.

maybe Unknown is a technical error.

ben said...

You know there are identity hiding software out there. It's just that most of us don't use them. One day it will become common use, just like anti virus software, firewalls, etc.

Who it was who visited you? Maybe an intelligence agency, checking out the content of your blog.

Hammy said...

The agency couldn't be too intelligent if they are checking me out. Identity hiding software had crossed my mind. The more info you can gather on people the easier it is to target your market.

The Internet is just one big business model.

ben said...

Let's say, your visitor is most probably someone who is using an identity hiding software.

Who uses identity hiding softwares? A pervert, someone concerned with his privacy.