Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Postscript To Last Night's Fuel Price Posting

Wow. I put A$80 of fuel in my car last night after paying A$1.269/litre. Another service station only 2-300m down the road was selling at A$1.379/litre. It must be terrible in the regional areas of this country as it is far more expensive in those areas.

Just what is going to happen to the entertainment industry in Australia. I can't see people wanting to go ten-pin bowling as a family due to the expense. What's it cost, about $15 for two games per person and then your fuel cost, add to that a few snacks and it all adds up to quite an expensive night out.

I wouldn't like to be working in the entertainment industry at the moment. It appears that many people in the eastern states have been leaving personal belongings at petrol stations as an IOU. Lots of them don't return. Man, I don't like having to pay that sort of money to fill my car up but think about the unemployed people and how on earth are they supposed to afford it.

Public transport is suddenly going to become popular. People are going to become closer, which isn't such a bad thing, as they can't afford to drive their cars and have no passengers. I did notice a few more people on one bus I saw this morning.

And what is going to happen in India? I believe the government has kept the fuel price artificially low by setting a certain price per barrel for oil and absorbing the extra charges. India will be soon bankrupt I think. That is one government initiative going to bite the dust anytime soon.

Prices for couriers, fruit and veg, any whitegoods etc are going to skyrocket. One problem in this country is the necessity of trucks to transport goods. I'm thinking of giving my boss a fuel surcharge levy to cover my costs to get to work. It's a pity that he doesn't have a great sense of humour.


Spider said...

That makes two of you without a sense of humour then, you tight arsed get. The high fuel prices are the best thing to happen to the environment in years. Capitalism will eat itself, mark my words, and us crusties, who live on a diet of lentils, will be the only ones able to survive.

Hammy said...

An environmentalist. Just my luck. The term you are looking for, however, is "tight-arsed git". Silly tree hugger.

Capitalism certainly won't eat itself as it going to show exactly how supply and demand actually work. It might be painful to experience but it will be interesting to study the effects of high oil prices.