Sunday, September 04, 2005

Kerbside Rubbish Collection Coming Up Soon

Perfect timing for it actually. The shed is usable and for the weekend I have been busy moving everything not wanted to be stored in the sewing room out to the shed. You know how women enjoy redecorating? My woman likes to have the redecorating done by her husband while she is overseas. She's clever. So I moved her cutting bench around and the drawers to go with it. Took a wardrobe and a huge desk out to the shed and the sewing room is so spacious now.

Oh, yeah. It's Fathers Day. And what did I get? Anything that I went out and bought for myself, as it turned out. No, I bought another shaver as mine is blunt as. What else did I get up to today? Watched the footy. Vacuumed the house. Did some weeking with my 7-iron which I should rename the Weed Wacker. Swing felt very nice today, weeds flew 8-12 metres away and very straight. If only I could hit a golf ball like a weed.

Did I mention the rubbish collection coming up soon? Chucked an old kitchen cupboard that I'd broken up onto the kerbside. Added my old telly which is buggered. To that I included the old push mower that I had that doesn't cut onion grass. On top of it all I put an old wall-mounted clothes line. By halftime in the footy the lawn mower was gone and by fulltime the telly had been taken. Best way to get rid of rubbish is leave it by the roadside.

Couple of minutes of reasonable rain today. Enough to put me off going out and playing golf as it turns out. By late arvo it was all clear so I walked to Bunnings, with my purple and black stripey hat, and bought some sealant for the base of the shed. And a valve for the bathroom tap - no leaks now. The mozzies attacked me while I was putting the sealant on the shed. Bastards.

Spoke to my old man for half an hour this morning and the missus for 20-odd minutes as well. A rather productive day as it turns out. And when I was asked, after the initial greeting, at Bunnings, "How has your day been?" I was rather taken aback. "Pretty good, I suppose." Just wish I had another couple of people in my life to share it with.

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Hammysmum said...

Your missus would probably have spent your money on you, anyway!? Dad got a pair of sneakers from me. He bought them in Adelaide last week, I just paid him back. $16.00! Glad you had a nice day. Dad spent most of his going back and forth to to clathes line hanging out the washing!