Tuesday, September 06, 2005

A Throwback From The Good Ol' Days

Something just popped up at work. Quite unexpected it was. The picture below made an appearance. I had brought some PLC training manuals in to stick on the shelf and one of my colleagues was looking at it and the photo fell out. Gee, it must have been taken back in about 1860 or thereabouts.

Don't I look good in a uniform?


ben said...

Very interesting picture, the one in uniform looks like you. It looks like a Confederate uniform rather than a Union one?

This picture looks like a sci-fi coming to reality.

Are you the one on the pic, thatis it is a tick picture, or was there someone like you?

ben said...

What would the modern world be like had the Conferate won the civil war? Would they have allied themself with the German during World War I. Would the German won World War I, and there would never have been a Hitler becoming the Chancellor of Germany?

Hammysmum said...

Where did you get that hat, where did you get that tile? Isn't it the proper thing, quite the proper style? I should like to have one, just the same as that, where e'er I go they shout, Hallo, where did you get that hat?

ben said...

During the Civil War, Richmond, Virginia's capital, was the capital of the Confederacy.

You must have taken this picture when you visited Virginia as a tourist. I will not take a picture of myself in a Confederate uniform. I do not agree to their ideology.

ben said...

You look a bit young to have 2 stars. That the rank of General. But I know during the Civil war some soldiers got promoted very fast.

Hammy said...

You obviously have too much time on your hands. I wouldn't have known how many stars a general has. I was young and naive and found the ideology very appealing. Well, ladies always find men in uniform to be attractive.

I'd love to say that it was my great great grandpa but it was I, and a younger Doc Emmett Brown, as we had travelled back in time to Virginia City and met some likely lasses.

It's all bull. Back in '94 I stayed with a mate in Reno and with a couple of his Japanese friends we went to Virginia City. Only US$15ea for a photo seemed like a good idea. The photo does look a little surreal.

Isn't that song about Henry Higgins?

Hammysmum said...

No, son, it aint! It is an old vaudeville song. Henry Higgins is in My Fair Lady.

ben said...

I’ve seen quite a number of TV series, movies, and documentaries on the American Civil War.

The one I like are the Battle of Gettysburg, Glory. The one that shocked me was Cold Mountain with Nicole Kidman and Jude Law: it’s really gory and shows all the atrocities of a war.

I have also read a fair bit on that war and I am vaguely familiar with American Army rank Insignia. But General ranks are usually stars, the more stars you have the higher your rank.

For more information check