Sunday, September 25, 2005

The Boss's 50th Birthday Party

My boss's 50th birthday celebrations coincided with the 109th AFL Grand Final between Sydney Swans and the West Coast Eagles from Perth. He invited lots of people to his place and it started early in the day with those wishing to watch the game.

There's always one at every party and at this one there were two of us - those people who aren't supporting the teams playing. I wore my Essendon tracksuit and Lyn wore her Port Adelaide guernsey. Everyone in the house was supporting West Coast apart from me as I wanted to see Sydney win.

My boss's mother-in-law is a funny old lady and she gives as good as she gets. She piled shit on me the whole time she was there as she obviously doesn't like anyone who doesn't support the Eagles. The beer, hot dogs and other food were plentiful and it was an enjoyable game to watch. I was the only one happy at the end as the Swans were victorious by only four points.

After the game and later in the evening more and more people rolled in. Interestingly we were asked to make our own pizzas for tea and I must say that it was a very successful idea. My boss has some nice friends and it was an evening filled with lots of talk, something that isn't usually possible during working hours. And my workmates haven't normally had that much to drink at work either. About 10:30 at night it turned into a jam session with guitars, amps and singing. The alcohol was still flowing. I don't know how some people were still standing.

Great to watch the footy with friends and thankfully it was a good game too.

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