Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Some More Prattle From Hammy

I worked a bit late tonight. The wife is away so what else should I do? I know, it's a sickness and I require treatment.

On the way home I was thinking about how I would be making a difference, on the road that is. My car is not usually about at that time and so the traffic signals may have to make adjustments for my being there.

Then it occurred to me that perhaps somebody else finished work early and that cancelled out the unusual situation that I had found myself in. The traffic lights couldn't give a rats arse that I existed. My being was of no significance. So I crawled back into my shell.

Went to the travel agent today to confirm my booking for Korea and pay a deposit. I'd done some research on the cost of travel insurance and pointed out the best price that I could get. I wasn't too impressed with their 31 days option closely followed by 5 weeks as my trip is 32 days in duration. Could I have one or two days where I'm not covered by insurance perhaps? My travel agent's response was that "We can offer our customers an additional two days" and she knocked 15% off her asking price immediately. So yours truly signed up straight away. What didn't impress me was the fact that cover was provided for SE Asia, Nth America, Sth America, Europe etc but Korea fell under "China (Other)". I beg your pardon? NE Asia would have been far more appropriate. Don't tell the Koreans that they are considered to be other Chinese.

Want to save money on petrol? Why don't you follow Andrew Peawit's, sorry, Peacock's example and start walking more often? At least he will be after copping a drivers licence suspension for six months for drink driving. Idiot.

Are thoughts in your head solid? Does your head have thoughts rattling about inside if you shake it?

Picking your nose is so underrated. It is a simple, inexpensive pleasure in life. Now, picking someone else's nose is disgusting. I hate having to clean my son's nose for him but would have no trouble doing my own. You can't put enough hankie between me and his boogers to feel comfortable. When you can pull your own booger out and it stretches greater than the length of your nose the satisfaction is enormous.


megha said...

no, my thoughts are soft and swirly, and they fill my head like curling smoke. sometimes, i follow a strand right through to its end -a very confusing process, coz strands intersect, you see - but the clarity, the clarity, is something to wallow in.

NewYorkMoments said...

Did you ever notice how every person's finger fits perfectly into their nostrils?

Hammy said...

Pregnant women with swollen fingers must have a problem then.

Hammysmum said...

Mark, you are bloody disgisting. Where wuz you brung up!

Anonymous said...

Derek and Clive did an hysterical (but very rude sketch) about streching a bogey from the nose. Here's an extract. "And I stuck the bogey to the-, to the wall just under the light fitting and then I - very cautiously - drew back, you know, ....."

Anonymous said...

oops - here's the url for the script

Hammy said...

Anon - I can relate to that site. It was quite funny. Sick and funny.

Mum - "disgisting" - what's with the Kiwi accent?

Hammysmum said...

You have to make allowances for you poor blind Ma. Th U is next to the I after all. Even when I proof read, I miss things. So do you!!!