Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Thanks For The Day Off Queen Lizze

It's Queen Elizabeth II's birthday in April. So, just for good measure, Western Australia has a public holiday celebrating it in September. The rest of the country has a day off in June. What is really funny is that the British don't even have a public holiday for her birthday. A somewhat pointless holiday methinks. Nice to have the day off though. As soon as QE II karks it I think that the Australian government will drop the holiday as I can't see us having the King's Birthday Holiday. Nobody likes Charles that much.

Of course I went and played golf. Badly. Very badly. What a horrid game. I didn't score any pars, hit any greens in regulation or have any single putts. I officially suck at golf. Last weekend, at a different course, I had 33 putts and yesterday I had 42. My score was nine shots worse than last week and it appears that the difference was only in the putting. The only interesting part of the game was the duck that I took a photo of.

The wildlife was more interesting than my game. By far.

We have a saying in football along the lines of "running up a cricket score". This means that a very large score has been made. Is it an amazing coincidence or what that I scored the same as the AFL grand finalists, 54-58? Blows me away when I think of it. My golf is a footy score.

Speaking of footy I noticed that the Bearded Burbler is no longer bearded. Has he downgraded himself to just that of the Burbler?

Also speaking of footy I believe that you should never forget your roots. The Sydney Swans, AFL premiers for 2005, moved from South Melbourne in 1982. Up until that time they were known as the Bloods or the Southerners. I was reading the history from the Essendon Football Club last night and you should never forget your past as it makes you what you are today. I say this in response to all of the people that criticised others who said they were supporting South Melbourne in the grand final. Hey, Essendon have signed a 30 year deal to play at the MCG but their home will always be Windy Hill which wasn't even their first home. The Coleman Medal, awarded to the leading goalkicker in the regular season, was named after an Essendon full forward, John Coleman, who kicked 12 goals on debut against Hawthorn and scored over 100 goals for the season. Those that have lived and breathed South Melbourne deserve to remember where their team came from.

That's it. Back to your lives people. Oh, yeah - it's our eighth wedding anniversary today. Eight years. They have gone so quickly. Gosh, what have we done together? It doesn't feel anything like it. When I look at the fact that we have a kid who is nearly five and a half I start to imagine that it has been that long.


Hammysmum said...

Eight years is nuffin. Wait till you have been married as long as we have! 36!!! Dad forgot, again! Doesn't matter.

Hammysmum said...

The Queen's birthday holiday has actually nothing to do with the present incumbent. I THINK it was for Queen Victoria, who was born in May.

megha said...

congratulations :)

Hammy said...

Thanks Megha.