Thursday, September 08, 2005

What Could I Do With Eighty Dollars?

I've been trying to think what $80 can buy, apart from a family sedan size tank of fuel. I don't pity those 4WD owners. It's about time they felt some pain for the stupid vehicles they drive and make us put up with on the road.

- 80 pirated DVDs from China (thanks Nick)
- 47 loaves of bread
- 15 pizzas from Dominos using the latest discount voucher that I have
- 5 home games of Perth Glory in the new Hyundai A-League
- 1/2 a tennis table
- 80 bags of prawn crackers from any Chinese restaurant
- 15 movies at Piccadilly Cinema
- 3 watch battery replacements
- 6 cartridges for my printer
- 7500 sheets of paper
- 80 litres of juice
- 40 long distance national phone calls
- 1492 phone call to Korea
- 240 rolls of toilet paper (enough to last me just over 20 years)


Hammysmum said...

It is sooo long since I bought bread. I know my budget could not handle it now. Buy a brad maker, son. It will pay for itself in about 6 months, and then the loaves will only cost about 50-60cents each! You can make all kinds of breads and pizza dough.

Nick Souter said...

Yes, as we were talking about on the phone Hambine, $80 is what I was paying in rent every week in Melbourne! Now we're paying the same in rent for petrol! And I actually bought 90 pirated DVD's in China (although a couple were crap quality!)

Nick Souter said...

by the way, you'll notice that my pondering the meaning of life picture is back, which can only mean one thing!

Nick Souter said...

shit, I just admitted that I bought 90 pirated dvd's in CHina, and my name and face are in full view! Nop cops check this blog do they?

Ben said...

You won't get prosecuted for buying, but you will for selling: or so I heard on the radio once.

$80 is what I pay for 1 week grocery.

I have a bread maker, but it turns out that bread is usually on special 30 min before a supermarket closing time. You can get 650 g bread for 60 to 80 cents anyway. So what do I use the bread maker for: making noodle instead. They are great for making dough.

Ben said...

Buying 1/2 tennis table is fun. You'll have to play table tennis like squash, against the wall.

megha said...

$80 could save me from writing whiny application fee waiver requests to colleges. in fact, i could apply to yale with my head held high and still have $5 left over to eat whichever sandwich i want at Subway without looking at the price.

oh no wait this is australian dollars we are talking about, is it. cancel cancel.