Monday, September 19, 2005

And Now For A Walk Around The New Subiaco

Had to clear my head at lunchtime and so I went for a wander around the new Subiaco. There's a park and lake near work, well there's a couple actually, but I chose the one that had the recent buildings. I like a bit of architecture, I does.

Lots of rich people live in the area and there is very little space leftover, as you will notice with the houses built right up against each other.

There is somewhat an English feel about it with the small courtyards and tiny fences, don't you think?

Very quiet during the day as most of the breadwinners are out doing their thing I suppose. Few posh cars drove by. If you can afford a place like that I'm sure you don't want to put up with an old banger. With the fronts being so nice I was disappointed to see how bad the rear of the places looked.

Still a bit of development going on in the area as it isn't completely built-out yet. I'm not sure what one of these places would go for but I'm guessing that you would need to come up with more than half a million smackeroos.

That's it. All over. Go back to your lives now.

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Hammysmum said...

Ah, so you didn't do a Jimmy Olsen today?! Nice pics, particularly the first one. I just love that sort of scene.