Friday, September 09, 2005

Good News - Weetbix Packet Drivers Licences Are Still Available

We have a saying in Australia for someone that isn't a good driver. It goes along the lines of - "Where did you get your licence? Off the back of a Weetbix (or Cornflake) packet?" In other words, you are such a poor driver that you shouldn't have been able to pass a test for your drivers licence.

I think we have a prime candidate here. What, didn't they notice that their parking is up the shit? How could you fail to notice?

Mind you, it is parked outside the front of a retirement village so it could be an elderly driver. Enough said.


tmz_99 said...

maybe it was parked by someone who's body is lopsided and they naturally lean torwards the left, parking like this restored their centre of gravity and for just the few minutes they sat there, before getting out of the car, they felt normal once more.

ben said...

Mark, could you not have used paintbrush or the same to hide the person's Number plate? I would not appreciate my car with my number plate visible appearing on the internet without my consent.

Hammy said...

TMZ - different way of looking at it, I'll give you that.

Ben - why should I cover up for somebody else's shortcomings? The person responsible for the ridiculous parking effort should take the responsibility for their own actions. I have to conduct myself in public in a manner that the public agrees with. I expect people to be able to use their cars properly also.

Let's not get too serious here. And let's not have too much of a goody-goody attitude. People can no longer laugh at themselves and can't be pilloried for their shortcomings.

Don't park your car like this when I have a camera around is the best advice I can give you.

And while we are on the subject, civil libertarians give me the shits.

Nick Souter said...

In the whole scope of things, the war in Iraq, famine in Africa, hurricanes in New Orleans, and the Ashes, I think the event of this car parking slightly wrong somehwere in Perth is pretty insignificant, but yes, it is a shit park!

Hammy said...

I'm afraid that I was unable to travel to Iraq, Africa, New Orleans or to England with my camera and could only make do with what I found in my surroundings.

Not only was it a poor example of parking but on my way home I saw another car in the same area with the same crap level of parking expertise. It was a Honda Prelude this time. Couldn't be bothered stopping and taking a photo though.