Monday, September 05, 2005

A Dig At Some Lacklustre Journalism

A Dig At Some Lacklustre Journalism

This article, from, caught my eye as my wife told me that a typhoon was due to hit her area on Wednesday. Bad weather has been in the news recently, as if you hadn’t noticed. Typhoon Talim in China has caused about $1 billion damage yet has hardly raised an eyebrow in the Western world.

The second last paragraph mentions nearly 220 people dead or missing from last year. It is now September 2005 and the people missing from typhoons in Japan in 2004 haven’t been accounted for. Just how much research went into this piece? What did happen to those people? How long are they listed as “missing” for?

I’m calling for a little bit more accountability in the realm of journalism. Don’t provide us with meaningless figures.

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