Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Velcommen Min Norwegen Venn Eller Venninne

Hvordan har du det? Velcommen til min blog. Kan du si meg hvor du leve? Naer Rosenborg or Heimdall? Trondheim, Narvik, og Bergen er skjonn.

I see that my friend from Trondheim has now popped over to look at the Frugal Bastard. Drop me an email sometime. I loved Norway. The language sounds so beautiful, much like singing, and the scenery is quite spectacular. People were very friendly and I could see myself staying there if I had the opportunity. I ended up spending a few weeks there and went to Narvik, in the Arctic Circle, twice. Not sure that I could live right up there though. Yep, fond memories of that country.

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