Friday, September 23, 2005

Mt Lawley Has Certainly Changed

Went to get some alcohol last night. Steady on. It wasn't for me. A workmate is turning 50 today. Had to go on a bit of a mission as the Kentucky Gold Bourbon that he likes is not sold by everyone. It is sold exclusively by Liquorland and my mission took me to Mt Lawley. Onto the same street that I used to live on, in fact. My how Mt Lawley has changed.

Zimmermann's Photographical shop has been knocked down. It's an unbelievable sight. And the site is obviously worth a packet as Mt Lawley is one of the upperclass suburbs.

Further up Beaufort St was a large block of land that I believe was owned by Peth College which is nearby. Imagine my shock when I saw the new houses built on top and what was planned for the future. There's a bit of money floating around.

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Hammysmum said...

It certainly looks different. Hardly recognise the place.