Friday, September 02, 2005

How Would You Like Your Plastic Surgery?

I heard an interview with a plastic surgeon on the radio the other day. He mentioned the professionalism of the job where you had to try to do what the customer wanted but also had to convince them of what was most suitable.

For example, a woman came in and said that she wanted Michelle Pfeiffer's nose. He could have booked her in and provided a nose just like Michelle Pfeiffer's. Instead he showed her a picture of the World's sexiest woman from somewhere in the 90s and then covered up all of her other facial features. The woman then realised that she really didn't want Michelle Pfeiffer's nose. Had he gone ahead with the plastic surgery, as requested, a lawsuit may have ensued as the woman wouldn't have been happy with the result.

Apparently one of the most popular faces to be modelled on is that of Jennifer Aniston. I'm just wondering if anybody wants my ears. They are welcome to them and perhaps you can have the real version, not just a plastic imitation. I wonder how much I would get for them on E-bay.


Hammysmum said...

My, what big ears you have. All the better to hear with, and thereby be more knowledgable that the rest of us!! I thought you were used to them.

Hammy said...

Sometimes I think that I'm so good looking and don't notice the ears. Not often. Nah, I won't be getting rid of them anytime soon. Just passing comment on how some people want the features of other people.