Sunday, September 18, 2005

Good Day Out On The Golf Course

Not a perfect game but much better than of late. Can't believe that I didn't hit a single par though. I rang Whaleback Golf Course early in the morning to see if I could get a hit about 10 and they booked me in with a couple at 10:48.

With my council rates there was voucher for a bucket of 30 balls at the driving range. On the way to the driving range I met up with Daniel whom I'm played golf with last weekend. He hadn't booked for a game but wanted to join. Something that I wanted to work on was a cure for my slice. Out of the 30 balls I practiced with, only about three or four were sliced. Looking good. Out onto the putting green and I had the powerful thought "I can putt anything". Putting wasn't too bad. Looking good.

People were a bit slow on the course today. We didn't tee off until 11:12, four groups late in fact. On the tee we met Jimmy and Deb Jordan from Louisiana. By crikey Jimmy could strike a ball - almost as well as Daniel.

During the week when I visited my accountant I got to read a golf magazine in the waiting room. It discussed a method to stop slicing and also had a putting/handicap guide. Today I was rather interested in how many putts I would take and the indicative score that I should have.

How good is your putting? And what about the rest of your game?

With all of this in mind I teed off on the first and second holes quite well. I kept track of shots and putts for myself and Daniel. Steady golf, I was playing, until the par-4 5th where I had an eight. My front nine score of 51 was an improvement on last weekend and I had a total of 17 putts. Daniel scored 41 (pretty poor effort from him) and had 16 putts.

What are you doing out there Daniel? Championship is slipping away, mate.

The back nine was fairly steady until the 15th and 16th where I scored a pair of eights. I actually won the honours for the 12th and held them until the 15th. Last weekend I didn't win a single hole whilst playing Daniel and Brad. Came home with a 52 and 16 putts with Daniel shooting a 44 with 18 putts. Daniel shot 85 off the stick with 34 putts, and according to the chart he should be shooting a 79. Daniel played yesterday and last weekend scoring a pair of 78s. I had 33 putts which can be extrapolated to an average score of 77. Sort of pales into insignificance with my 103. Just shows how crap the rest of my game is. On the 16th and 17th I hit a couple of magnificent irons which had been sadly lacking for the whole day. Best score I've had for ages though. Can you believe that I had seven holes where I only needed one putt?

Daniel and Jimmy watching Deb

Deb following through

How's this for a coincidence - Jimmy works for a company I have dealt with and I was able to remember the name of one of the guys he works with. It is such a small world. A great day golfing as Jimmy and Deb are really nice people and a bit of fun out on the golf course.

It's a real pity that I can't upload video. I have some funny stuff about Daniel duffing his tee on the 13th. For some reason the audio didn't work or it would be really funny. Almost everyone, including me, that was videoed stuffed that shot - whether or not they knew they were on camera.

Below is a screenshot from my tee shot on the 13th. I have Ulead video/photo editing software on my computer but do you think that I can capture an image from a video? No. I had to open the video in ACDSee, do a Print Screen from the keyboard, paste into Paint and save as a jpeg, then crop in ACDSee. What a bloody hassle. Forgive the graininess of the jpeg as I can't do much better. ACDSee wouldn't allow me to capture the image directly as I required Quicktime ver 6 or higher with authoring rights. Bugger, all I want is to capture a screenshot from a video. If someone can help me out with some recommended software I would be all ears. As if I'm not already.

What's wrong with this picture - I sliced the tee shot?


Hammysmum said...

Attaboy! Have at it! This pic didn't show up on the Email.

Hammy said...

I didn't think that the pictures would show in the email. What are you on about?

Hammy said...

Thanks Ma. Came out alright, eh?

Hammy said...

How come your previous comment was on the golf posting and it, and my response, have appeared on the Subi wander? Buggered if I know.

Hammysmum said...

You got me buggered,too!

Hammysmum said...

Just so's you know for future reference, A duffed shot in golf is a fluff!

Hammy said...

Next time I wish to use an "f" word I'll have to remember "fluff".