Thursday, September 08, 2005

Nick Souter Is Back

Hilarity will ensue. Please visit his blog - Nick Souter. Had a yack for 1 1/4 hrs last night. Great to catch up.

Welcome back mate.

P.S. Whoops!! I entitled this "Nick Souter Is Bad" and posted it that way initially.

The management of Frugal Bastard would like to apologise for any distress and embarrassment that these actions may have caused. Would like to but won't.


Nick Souter said...

Back? I never went away, I was just observing from a distance, observing my children, observing my little lambs, but now it's time to set the record straight again!

Hammy said...

You were just like Carlton - missing in action, gone walkabout, off on a jaunt, disappeared without a trace.

Observing? My arse. As in, "I disagree".