Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Who Will Host The 2012 Olympic Games?

By the time anybody reads this the vote is probably well gone. I must say, this isn't a subject that I have been following too closely so I was a little surprised last night to find out that the vote is tonight. Why is it being held in Singapore? Who knows?

Let's have a look at the contenders.

Moscow - likely to have terrorist activities emanating from regional countries that are rather pissed off with Russia’s attitude toward their independence. And the fact that Russia doesn’t get along with terrorists. Probably doesn't have enough children left in the country to put on a nice opening ceremony.

Paris – is likely to suffer a backlash from the Greens supporters due to the inordinate number of frogs who will undergo amputation for culinary delights to feed the masses who would attend the Games.

London – cold, wet and miserable. And that is at the height of Summer. And you know what the French President thinks of British cooking.

New York – may have had its bid damaged due to the commercialisation of the Games during the Atlanta Olympics. Mind you, that’s just the public perception. Commercialisation means more advertising dollars and more bribes for International Olympic Committee members so they may just get the nod.

Madrid – also famous for terrorist activities. And which side is David Beckham really backing? He can’t help but dumb down the image of London and Madrid. Superb soccer player though.

Hmmm. Who will win? Is the world ready for another Russian Games probably full of boycotts? No. Does Madrid have a rail transport system capable of moving commuters safely? No. Can London string two weeks of lovely Spring weather together? Not. A. Chance.

That leaves Paris and New York. I don’t think that the world is quite ready for another Olympics in North America. I think Paris will get the nod. By a short frogs leg, er, head.


NewYorkMoments said...

Love the frogs comment. Classic

lori said...

I think perhaps london won as chiraq insulted finnish and english food. tsk.

NewYorkMoments said...

Glad we lost to the poms and not the froggies.

Hammy said...

Forgive me for being pedantic but NY only beat Moscow and lost to the rest. If they had made it past the first two rounds then anything could have happened. Ask Madrid what could have been.

I loved Jacques Chiraq's comments. What a funny guy. "The only thing the British have done for agriculture is to introduce mad cow disease." He should do the comedy circuit when he finishes his term as President.

At least British food doesn't wiggle around as much as French food.

Hammysmum said...

Are you speaking from experience? I thought they killed the frogs before they cooked their legs!

Hammy said...

I have no idea what they do to the frogs. They are French, keep in mind.

NewYorkMoments said...

Oh Hammy, you're so pedantic.

Hammy said...

It was a toss-up between calling myself Frugal Bastard or Pedantic Son of a Bitch. Difficult decision to make.