Saturday, July 09, 2005

What Happens When You Go Out Somewhere?

Somebody asks you for directions. Of course. Luckily they were asking where the Esplanade Hotel was, and seeing as we spent our wedding night there, it wasn't too difficult to give them the directions they required.

We went to Fremantle after lunch today. Miky wanted to buy shoes and I wanted to have a look at the Maritime Museum with Yu-Jin. He wanted to go with mum but she told him that she was going to go clothes shopping. He soon wanted to accompany me instead.

Actually, we weren't sure where to head so in the direction of the beach we went. I have a few pics to add and will write about it in a bit more detail later. They have set fees to enter but today, must have been because of school holidays, entry was by donation. I only had a $20 note in my wallet and I thought that was a bit much. After getting change I gave some to Yu-Jin and he wished to know if the money was for him to keep. Not a chance, he got some pocket money yesterday.

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