Saturday, July 09, 2005

Not A Good Night To Be On The Road

I nearly got run over three times last night.

First instance was when I was approaching an intersection with a straight-through lane that split in two just before the traffic lights and one right-turning lane. I waited until it was safe, and legal, to join the new lane. Some bitch in a government registered car cut across from the turning lane and nearly side-swiped me. She would have if I hadn't checked. Gee I wish I had a decent horn. I know enough expletives though. Interesting that she refused to look in the rear vision mirror - as if she acknowledged her wrongdoing. A van had done the same thing moments before so I should have expected it, and probably did, as I bothered to check over my shoulder before changing lanes.

Second occasion was when I was crossing the road near the cathedral, as I had to duck into the city, at a pedestrian crossing. One car did the right thing and stopped but in the second lane the guy, driving a Post Office van, was just going to hurtle on by. He slammed on the brakes and stopped halfway through the crossing. At least he acknowledged his wrongdoing.

Third time was when I got back to my car. I checked over my shoulder to see if anyone was coming before pulling out of my parking space. Nobody was there and the lights at the intersection had changed to orange. So, I started to pull out and then stopped to take another look. Some bastard ran a red light and would have cleaned me up had I continued. I pulled up alongside him two sets of traffic lights later and you know how people are upset if you have done the wrong thing, well, this guy was tapping away on his steering wheel to some music with some very bent wrists, quite oblivious to something having just happened.

Just glad to get home with all of the paintwork in order.


Hammysmum said...

Just glad to know you had your wits about you or it might have been a different story. Dad says you need a big Bull Bar. Listening to music on headphones in cars whilst driving should be banned!

Hammy said...

I could do with a Hummer to run the bastards over instead. That would be far more satisfying.