Wednesday, July 27, 2005

There's Thumbing Your Nose At It

I dropped Yu-Jin off at his before school care this morning and noticed a dog wandering around the school ground by itself. The dog nestled up to a tree and had a dump and then proceeded to scuff the ground in the surrounding area. All of this right next to a large sign saying "No Dogs On School Property".

A complete disregard for the law.


Anonymous said...

Mark, the dog can't read!

Hammysmum said...

I'll pay that one! My uncle is very ill in hospital, and the electric controls on his bed became'live'. The head nurse said she would put signs up so that people would not plug it in. My aunt commented acidly, their six year old grandson can't read. The nurse said 'I never thought of that.' Duh!

ben said...

"A complete disregard for the law."

Is there really a law for that? School rule? Council rule? State law? Federal law?

If I put a sign in my backyard does that make it a law? I am sure don't have the authority to even put a no parking sign in front of my house.

Hammy said...

You can erect a "No Trespassers" sign on your property. The no parking sign out the front of your place would be more difficult because the land actually belongs to the council. If you don't wish to have people parking on your lawn you can apply to the council to have the lawn registered so that you can erect a sign to ward off such evil-doers.

Hammy said...

Dogs not being able to read - brainwave. I hadn't thought of that. But ignorance of the law is no defence - Legal Framework 100. The dog is guilty, and possibly the owners by vicariously liability.