Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Korean Blonde Drives Again

I don’t know how she does it. Miky came up with a beauty yesterday. She arrived at her car park slightly after 7:30 yesterday and so needed to pay the full day fee of $5.40 instead of the early bird special of $4.30. After putting her coins into the ticket machine she noticed that it said 5:20 and thought that that was enough time and so hit the button to print the parking ticket. To her horror she realised that her parking was only paid until 12:30 as she had only paid $5.20.

The she discovered that she didn’t have any more coins so she used her credit card (the parking authority has come a long way recently). Unfortunately she had no idea what she was doing and charged the card to the tune of $5.00 which gave her parking until 12:00. That wasn’t much chop. What did she decide to do? She displayed both tickets on the dashboard so that any parking inspector could see that she had payed $10.20 for only 4 ½ hours parking and that was nearly double the amount required for a whole day.

Luckily she didn’t get a fine for not having the correct parking ticket displayed. Fair enough too. And it wasn’t the only Korean blonde thing that happened yesterday


Hammysmum said...

Do tell! Don't keep us in suspense.

ben said...

Parking should be administered like I suggested before: you can't park anywhere unless your car is checked for bombs. Of course the parking ticket will finance for the check.

Hammy said...

All in good time Mum.

lori said...


I've done that. Sooo frustrating.

I catch the bus to work now, sick of paying for parking and petrol.

Hammy said...

It is still more convenient at the moment for her to drive to work - has to pick the young fella up after work and all.