Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Korean Blonde Strikes Again

What a hit rate my wife has. Yesterday I told her that I had to drive to the petrol station and that I may not have enough fuel to get there. Without thinking she turned to me and said, “You can take my car if you like.”

And Again

Miky had to renew her permanent residency visa yesterday as she wants to travel overseas. Well, that part would have been ok but she would have been denied entry to Australia without a valid visa. She arrived at the immigration department and took a number, “771”. Things were rather slow and so she did shopping while waiting. Then something interesting happened.

The sign on the wall with a little bell called out number 771 on four occasions. Miky was thinking that she was 777 and couldn’t believe the stupidity of the person with 771. You know the feeling, who is that idiot? Don’t they realise that their number has been called? What is that idiot with number 771 doing?

All of these thoughts passed through her head. By the time 775 was called out she realised what had happened. She had to wait for her new number, number 799, which allowed her to do some more shopping.


ben said...

What is permanent and impermanent?

The Australian permanent residency visa.

ben said...

“You can take my car if you like.”
if you have a jerrican.

tmz_99 said...

I find taking more then one number, several numbers apart works for me.. usually take a minute and take another number.. if their system is so slow and inefficient to start with then it deserves to be slowed down.

Hammy said...

You become impermanent when you do something bad and they realise that you weren't born in Australia and they have the opportunity to offload you to another country.

Insane Tom, thanks for your comment. So you're one of those bastards that's buggers it up for everyone else. No wonder public servants (insert "parasites") are such a messed up section of the community.

lori said...


this made me laugh. When I was unemployed.. many many years ago I took a ticket that was like 556, it was 10am in the morning. by the time they got to my number it was 1pm in the afternoon. I still remember the ticket number to this day.

Hammy said...

Some things never change, eh? No government department seems to have any interest in reducing the time customers wait in queues. The poor bastards don't want to work too hard.

ben said...


If it will take you 4 weeks, 4 of you can do it in a week, right?
What a manager means:
· 4 weeks = 4 developers x 1 week = 4 weeks x 1 developer. Why not? It computes! Algebra does not lie.
What a developer hears:
· I guess he thinks 9 women can make one baby in 1 month.


Working harder is not equal working faster and vice versa. If you work faster then the quality of the service will drop.

If you were working in their positions would you not take a break after dealing with a customer? Have a chat with a colleague, drink something, go for a slow walk, put the sign “counter close”, pretend to be sorting your papers, check your email.

Hammy said...

Take time out to post comments on blogs.

Hammy said...

Take time out to post comments on blogs.

Hammysmum said...

I wonder if your poor wife knows what you write about her!