Thursday, July 21, 2005

Unusual Sight - Maltese Dogs Spotted Walking

I was quite shocked during my lunch break to see not one, but two, women walking their Maltese. Yes, I kid you not. They were actually walking. What were their owners thinking? And in Subiaco on Rokeby Road, one of the most fashionable areas in Perth.

As we approached a crossing I noticed that the road was rather wet. To my horror one woman, and then the other, possibly suffering from peer pressure, picked up their dogs to cross the road so that they wouldn't get their poor little paws wet.

Maltese and their owners still irk me.


NewYorkMoments said...

Hammy, you're so macho.

Hammysmum said...

Is it the owners or the dogs, that irk you? The owners maybe, becaus they seem so pretentious, or the dogs, because you don't like them?

Hammy said...

Dog owners mainly. I think the dogs look a bit prissy too.

owner of a bogan maltese said...

i have a maltese (cross), and my best mate works in subi so i often take her there with me for lunch... however, we would like to be the exception to your generalised maltese hating... she was a stray, named ally after the skinny white bitch lawyer on tv, now however she is to porky to carry very far... she's a regular aussie bogan, drags herself on her bum down rokeby road... and no she doesnt have worms, just a whole lotta class. bringing down stereotypes from the inside :D

i have no problem with you, me or anyone making sweeping generalisations about stuff, and certainly agree with most of what you say ( on the other hand, i certainly get those hater looks like oh youre one of those girls with a maltese) but just wanted to point out there are exceptions

Hammy said...


I think that the owners irk me far more than the dogs. They don't do the dog any favours by carrying it around.

My missus wants to get a maltese. Arguments galore. She doesn't like Jack Russells.