Friday, July 22, 2005

Very Amusing Sight First Thing This Morning

There is quite a bit of building work going on across the road. Medium density housing in the form of several apartment blocks. Very soon I don't think that I will have a place to park my car.

This morning was very different as there was a huge amount of space available to park my car and I suspect that a bloody big truck had parked there to unload and must have left just before I arrived.

Anyway, I jumped out of my car, as I'm so excited to be at work, and I saw an older lady, approx 50 y.o., on a scooter with a couple of Australian flags and her helmet visor up yelling abuse at the building workers. She continued to ride up and down the road for a while. Unfortunately I couldn't understand her abuse but it made for a great start to the day.

There should be more of this kind of behaviour in public.


Angel With an Attitude said...

i would have laughed so hard she would have come run me down!

Hammy said...

I was able to point her out to a few people at work and they nearly split their sides too. Quite possibly the highlight of the weeks work.