Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The Irony Of Taking A Day Off Work

It's school holidays and I wasn't able to get holiday care for Yu-Jin for today. So I've taken the day off and we will be going to the movies together and joining Miky for lunch. Should be a good day, especially as it is during the week.

What I find ironic is that I had to work so much harder at work yesterday to tidy up all sorts of loose ends as I can't expect anybody in the office to pick up jobs that I am halfway through. And I know that when I head back to work on Thursday nobody will have answered my emails as they have enough of their own work to do and there will be a stack of them awaiting my attention.

So, you work much harder the day before you are off and you play catch up for the next day or so when you return. I don't see the sense in taking a day off. You have to work too hard for it.


Hammysmum said...

You never liked to take a day off from school as it was too hard to catch up. Nothing seems to have changed in all the time since you left school.

lori said...

poor you :(

on the other hand, great weather to take the day off, sun shining, cold as all deep space mornings.. brrr

Hammy said...

Damn right, both of you.