Thursday, July 21, 2005

What Does A Terrorist Look Like?

Good question Ben. Let's postulate, shall we.

Skin would be a bit pasty as they wouldn't be out in the hot desert sun during their training too much otherwise the Americans' spy satellites might spot them and zap their sorry arses. That is unless they were born with an all-over tan.

Monobrow might be the go.

Educated, definitely educated. No ordinary Joe Blow could put a bomb together. Well, educated enough to download the bomb-making instructions from the Internet.

Skullcap required if operating in Palestine.

Some badge intimating the leader of the US Forces, perhaps?

Big bushy beard is a must-have accessory if you wish to be a terrorist. Oh, and a walking stick.

On the other hand, it could be someone who blends in completely with civilisation. A terrorist is only someone who commits an act, or plans to commit an act, that would terrorise other people. Have you scared the begeezus out of somebody as a practical joke before? Thrown stones onto someone's roof? Phoned somebody and hung up before they had a chance to answer?

I think the definition of a terrorist needs to be updated.


ben said...

I want to discuss this.

Is modern terrorism like Greek Fire (, the very weapons we use to fight it is what fuel it more?

Should we be looking for more creative and innovative ways to fight it instead of using traditional and conventional methods?

Hammy said...

Neutron gun is probably the way to go. Destroys every living thing but leaves non-tissue unharmed. Not too messy.

Greek Fire certainly sounds frightening.