Thursday, July 14, 2005

Unity In Diversity - What Does That Mean?

Went to a meeting at the out of school care centre last night. I think I was the only parent out of some 28 who attended that bothered to bring an umbrella and boy did the rain come down during the meeting. Bugger, it was all fine by the time the meeting finished.

Back to the headline. As I pulled up into the parking bay I noticed a vehicle with a registration plate that included a rainbow and the title "Unity in Diversity". The rainbow signifies the gay movement and I wondered about the slogan. How can something be united if its members are diverse? Look at England and it Pakistani diversity - aka London terrorist bombings. Surely unity is more likely when the people/culture is more homogeneous, or the same.

The person who owned that vehicle was instantly recognisable upon entering the building. She had lots of big earings, a squarish face and very angular, almost flat-top, hair. Quite your stereotypical gay. There is something about the Proud movement.

The meeting talked about how the centre was being run at a loss as it was occasional care and you didn't have to pay for absences. This was all about to change as children's positions were to become permanent and absences would need to be paid for. I guess that it means when my young bloke is crook I will have to pay but it is what I was used to at Curtin University Guild Child Care Centre. It is the standard across Australia and will weed out the families that have three children enrolled but have none in attendance for four weeks which leads to other families not receiving a place and the centre not being payed. The Howard Government is all about user pays. It isn't too appealing for those on shift work but full time workers will hardly notice the difference.

Interesting to have a bit of contact with one community that I could be more involved in. Parents are so busy these days that they don't have time to meet other parents.

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