Thursday, July 07, 2005

Now that's a pie. I enjoyed going out for lunch with my wife, son and his friend yesterday after we boys went to see the movie Robots. Poor old wife, she had to go and work. The blueberry danish that I had as well went down pretty well too. The boys behaved themselves and we all had a good time as the movie was very good. Especially as it was only $5 a pop.


Hammysmum said...

Some pie indeed! You wouldn't want to 'wear' it if it were used for slapstick comedy, eh? What was in it?

Hammy said...

That's the beauty of it being a pie - it cannot be known what it consists of. Tasted beaut though. I would think that it was a potato pie. Just pointed to it and said that I wanted the one with the potato on top. Connoisseur I am not.