Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Google Earth Is Here

Big thanks to Yobbo for bringing this to my attention - Google Earth. What a brilliant, living, 2.5D graphical representation of the Earth's surface. Mind you, you need broadband to run it properly.

I showed my missus last night and I can locate my house pretty easily. Amazing. Yu-Jin was very interested in using the program straight away. It won't take him long to learn the controls. I asked him where he wanted to see and he said, "English".
"You mean 'England'?"
"No, English."
So we had a look at London, the satellite camera pics of the Effiel tower are pretty good. Couldn't see too much of where my sister-in-law lives in Korea but thems the brakes.

I'm sure that Google Earth will be one of the greatest geography tools ever. And I can see why Google are giving it away for free - it has unlimited potential for advertising. You can see that every man and his dog would want to advertise their hostel/hot dog stand/flower shop within cooee of the Eiffel Tower etc. What a brilliant strategy.

I'll be having a bit of fun with this program, I can assure you. And Yu-Jin is going to learn heaps. Check out Manhattan with buildings and use the tilt function to zoom around as though you were in a helicopter. Astounding.


h said...

Pleas check the spelling of your brakes!

Hammy said...

Ha ha ha aaaaaaaaah. Bugger.

Hammy said...

Thems the braykz, I guess.

Hammysmum said...

You break me up! I think we saw Google earth on ACA last night. The Reno kings were using it to show people what a house they were interested in looked like without them having to drive around and thereby wasting time and money.