Wednesday, July 20, 2005

It's A Shock To Find A Friend In Hospital

I rang a friend yesterday who had been a bit difficult to get hold of lately. Imagine my surprise when I found out that he was in hospital. He'd been crook for a while but had built up water in his lungs and on Sunday morning found that he couldn't move. After ringing for an ambulance he realised that he couldn't move to open the door to let them in. So he rang a friend to come and open the door. When the paramedics arrived they made him walk to the ambulance, which came as quite a shock to him. That is the best thing to do with lungs full of water.

So the whole family went to visit him last night and it is good to see that he is much better. He'll have to give up the ciggies though. He's showing the same symptoms of what killed Miky's dad but he didn't give up smoking.

The hospital was a fairly dank place. No bright colours or even a new coat of paint. Old chairs in the corridor and my friend spent 36 hours on a bed in the corridor in the emergency department before being taken to a room. The thing is, he didn't realise that he was in a corridor he was that out of it. And even worse, up until Tuesday night he still didn't know if the Fremantle Dockers had won on the weekend. We bought him some Tim Tams, Roses chocolates and Twisties. Unfortunately his diet is caffeine-free and chocolate is on the banned substances list. Seeing as he only had an NW magazine to read and was sick of reading about Paris Hilton being engaged and pregnant, we bought him a couple of newspapers.

Quite a shock, it was. Here's to a speedy recovery. I need him to help me with some concrete on the weekend. Oh well, I guess that he'll just have to supervise.

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Hammysmum said...

If I didn't believe that last comment was 'tounge in cheek', I would think you are totally heartless.