Saturday, July 02, 2005

I've Won The Lottery - It's Party Time

Yes, that's right. I no longer need to worry about money. Say goodbye to the Frugal Bastard and say hello to the Rich Spending Bastard.

When I arrived home last night I checked the letterbox and found an envelope addressed to me. The first thing I noticed was the stamp which showed it had been posted from Spain. "Who the **** do I know in Spain?" I thought. One or two names came to mind but the address was typed. None of my friends would ever type my address and they would send it to my postal address as almost no-one knows my residential address.

When I opened the envelope it informed me that I had won the 3rd category of the AnnuMada Spanish Sweepstake International Lottery Program. A total of 615 810 Euros would be heading my way if I handed over all of my personal details so that a transfer of money could be done.

Now, I do feel priveleged. It's not every day that you win a lottery that you haven't entered. Yes, sure, I'd love to give you a copy of my passport, drivers licence, next of kin details, etc, so that you can bleed my bank account dry and steal my identity.

I ain't that stupid. But thanks for stamp. I am a part-time philatelist and I don't have any stamps from Spain.

If you click on the pics you will be able to see a larger version that you'll be able to read.

You have won shitloads of money.

Now hand over all of your personal details so that we can steal your identity and bleed your bank account dry. Sucker


Hammysmum said...

You gonna do it? Sure!! I don't think you are that cabbage looking.

Hammy said...

I'm not as green as I am cabbage looking.

Anonymous said...

Hey I just got the same letter too! So fake - it's printed on an inkjet printer. Everything is the same except that my claim agent is Alonso Raul. This was sent to me in Ontario, Canada. Anyone else that gets this scam please respond so we don't let an innocent sucker get fooled into this.

Hammy said...

The guys who run this little scam must make a fortune out of it. I'm just hoping that by bringing it to the world's attention, even if only a dozen or so people read my blog, that no-one else will fall for this trick. Yeah, it was done on an inkjet. For that sort of money you would be looking at something with a watermark at least.

As for Mr Alonso Raul, perhaps he is too busy to be working in both Canada and Australia.

Anonymous said...


I myself, or should I say my dad, had gotten the same letter the only diffrence is the pen signiture
Hmmm do you think it's worth calling the people. I wonder what they might say, do you?

Hammy said...

I wouldn't bother calling the people involved - it just makes your address, etc more relevant as they know you exist. Calling consumer affairs would be a far better move and letting your friends know about this kind of stuff just to raise general awareness and lower the likelihood of being sucked in by one of these schemes are what I would suggest.

Friends don't let friends get caught by these fraudsters.

Anonymous said...

It is really a prize and lottery scam.
Please visit the Scamwatch web site :

Hammy said...

Don't get caught!! I have so many intelligent readers. No-one has said that they were actually caught out by this scam but its tentacles are very far-reaching.

I kid myself too.

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys,
I got the same letter from the same company with same amt. only difference is my agent is antonio garzon. thanks for posting on internet about this stupid scam. beware guys they will sqeeze your pockets. i live in toronto, canada.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys

I received the same letter from International Lotto commission SA. to be specific Annumada International Lotto. I have been given a winning amt of 615810 euros in 3rd category. This is a complete fraud company and beware friends that do not send any of your personal details to these fraud companies.

Anonymous said...

hey, my grandma, whos from mexico recieved almost an identical letter from the same people, her letter seems to be an 'update' of that one. we are from Sydney, Australia.

Hammy said...

They just keep on keeping on, don't they?

Anonymous said...

Hi, I received the exact letter also,but was signed from Antonio Garzon.I have a Spanish surname and for a second kinder hoped it was the real deal.Ha!
Whats sad is there will be people who will respond to these criminals.I live at Taree (Mid North Coast of NSW).

Anonymous said...

I got the same letter today. Signed by Antonio Garzon. I wonder if this person exists.
Thanks for the Spanish stamp though;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your little blog.

Had my hopes up for a second.

Anonymous said...

Hi, everyone
My name is William, I have just received a letter similar to what you all got, only my one is close to 1 million Euros.
Now.... I am Spanish, but have live in Melbourne Australia for the past 25 years, and I can certanly said that this is the biggest load of rubbish that I have seen. You will have to be nuts to give all your info to an unknown person.
What I decided to do is to get ALL the Junk e-mails and chain letters that I get and send them to the e-mail addresses provided... and I can get plenty... at the same time pass the addresses to MY friend so they can do the same. I think that sound like fun.
See you all.

Anonymous said...

HI, This scam is still doing the rounds. My letter the same. Just received today april 08.Your letter 2005. If its to good to be true!!!

wickedwitchfromthesouth said...

Hi, shit so i didnt win this money. bugger. I was just dreaming that i was the luckiest woman alive when i just discovered i am still poor me. hi hi. oh well still am the luckiest woman alive. i get to keep my identity. I did call them. he sounded very happy for me. Shame its a load of crap. mine arrived on the 9th of April 2008. I received an email from an Alan Richardson 2 weeks ago claiming that he wanted to leave me his $28 million because he had no one to leave it to. Bull crap. i don't know if it has anything to do with it. I'm off to the police tomorrow. wish me luck

Hammy said...

This lottery scam business goes on and on. I wonder how many people get conned out of their hard-earned?

Hammy said...

If it's too good to be true then stay the hell away from it.

adam said...

Hello Friends>>>> Thanks to all for making an effort and putting it all up on the web site . It is no doubt an abusive fraud and surprises me how do these people got my home address & name etc.

Please support our community by such great posts in the future. Ive saved myself a couple bucks by not responding to this.

Anonymous said...

I got the same letter i live in Australia, antonio garzon. wanker!!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys!!!!

Fantastic news we got scammed and what did we receive????




WE got ANTONIO GARZOn too...what a wanker...